L'éducation au Canada est connue pour ses programmes provinciaux. En fait, chaque province développe son propre programme d'éducation et les étudiants peuvent facilement transférer à l'échelle nationale.

The ECIC applies the Alberta Education curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 4. The Alberta Education curriculum is widely recognized and ranks amongst the top educational systems in the world. This internationally recognized diploma permits students’ entry into universities and colleges across the world.

In addition to the evaluation standards, the Alberta curriculum implements strategies to increase students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills by promoting Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) which is a process where students are involved in their learning, formulate questions, investigate widely, and then build new understandings, meanings and knowledge” (Focus on Inquiry, 2004, p.1). IBL is an educational approach that involves administrators, teachers, students, and parents in a culture of inquiry – a component of all Alberta Education curricula.

These Alberta curriculum learning and evaluation strategies resulted in the Alberta students ranking significantly above the Canadian average, knowing that Canada, academically, consistently ranks high in the international student achievement tests in Reading, Math, and science.

Pour plus d'informations sur le programme d'études de l'Alberta, veuillez visiter le site Web Alberta Parent Resource, L'apprentissage de mon enfant. Pour des informations spécifiques décrivant les exigences du diplôme de l'Alberta ou d'autres directives pédagogiques établies par Alberta Education, consultez le Alberta Guide de l'éducation.

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