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For non-native speakers of English or French, the ECB-CBS provides language support for all students in grades Kindergarten through 9 with intensive ELL (English Language Learning) and FLL (French Language Learning) programs. 

Students applying for grades 10, 11 and 12 at the ECB-CBS must demonstrate a functional level of academic English or French to complete the provincial graduation assessments in literacy and numeracy of the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s provincially prescribed curriculum. 

All non-native speakers of English or French are required to write a language proficiency test during the application process.

University Counselling - What we do

The university application process is a unique and exciting experience that brings together students and their parents. We strongly recommend that parents attend the ECB-CBS graduation orientation meetings, scheduled in September of every academic year. 

At the ECB-CBS, our university counselling program is committed to providing the following services:  

  • Clear and ongoing communication with our students and their parents about the university application process, and what it takes to earn acceptance to a post-secondary institution. 
  • Comprehensive information and resources that are available and easily accessible online.
  • A rich and intensive academic program providing selected courses within a detailed academic timetable during the graduation years, grades 10 to 12.
  • A personal application of career-life management skills, while exploring themselves, their life journey, and their graduation plans.
  • Local community opportunities enabling students to complete the required 30 volunteer hours or more of career-life exploration.

When planning for the three (3) year graduation program in grades 10 to 12, we strongly suggest that students and families review post-secondary entrance requirements well in advance, as each post-secondary institution has different requirements and expectations. 

Students and their parents, not the ECB-CBS, are responsible for registering for all the appropriate standardised tests, and meeting university application deadlines.

The students and their families are ultimately responsible in meeting the requirements of a student’s intended post-secondary program through their course selection and planning process.